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At the Temple of Arts NYC we specialize in teaching the American-Te Goju-Ryu system.

American-Te Goju-Ryu is an eclectic martial art with Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate as its foundation incorporating a wide variety of techniques from Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Karate-Do, Dong Soo Do, Kempo, Kung-fu and Kobudo. The result of this style of martial arts, combines the hard techniques of Karate and soft techniques of Aiki-Jujitsu.

It was such a joy, honor, and privilege to work with youngsters.

Up until October 2020, he was contracted with the YMCA of Greater New York where he facilitated classes for children as young as 3-years-old, and adults.

Children classes (ages 3 to 16) are hosted at one of the two YMCA branches where Sensei Tyrone Turner taught: the Rockaway; and the Coney Island branches.

Our unique approach provided the traction necessary for students to hit the ground running. The lead instructor worked personally with each trainee to help them achieve their individual martial arts goals.

Students were pushed and motivated from day one. Early on, each student is evaluated to determine what she or he is capable of with the goal being to help them reach, then exceed, that potential. Whether you’re interested in our Karate classes, or self-defense course, you're in good hands with us.

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This is how we do it

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Defense Against a High Wrist Grab

Here Sempai Erica demonstrates Sequence #10 while Sensei Tyrone narrates.


Block, strike, take down, pin

Toward the end of this clip, Sensei Tyrone traps his student's foot and the does a simple take-down. Had he stayed on the student's foot, he would have injured the student's ankle ("ankle popper").



Here is lesson 3 in this IG/FB Tutorial Series. 60SWS3 ° Lead Leg Snap Front Kick ° Snap Side Kick (same leg as the front kick) ° Stomping Oblique Kick to the lower leg ° Hammer Fist #60SecondsWithSensei #SenseiSaysGetToWork #SenseiSays #AmericanTeGojuRyu #TacticalCivilianCombatives

Be advised that the movements done in the above videos were done intentionally slow so that the viewer can see some of the nuances involved. If we did them in "combat speed," most would miss what we were actually doing.

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Teaching Real Stuff, Not Fluff

The lead instructor is Sensei Tyrone Turner. He is a professional martial arts teacher that is committed to continuous learning and development. He holds a 3rd Dan in American-Te Goju-Ryu and has been trained primarily by law enforcement officers, security professionals, bodyguards and bouncers. He has worked as a guard in an NYC jail and is a retired military policeman.

His goal is to give the students "real deal stuff" that will keep them safe. Standing on the shoulders of giants (his teachers), he has developed unique and effective teaching methods to make sure that all students can reach their full potential.

The American-Te Goju-Ryu curriculum is designed to condition the bodies and sharpen their minds of our students and helping them to become their personal best.

But for those solely interested in "quick and dirty" self-defense/personal protection training, I recommend the Prepare IMPACT Basics Course. Sensei Tyrone is one of the Prepare Instructors. Basics is a comprehensive program offering instruction and practice in a range of realistic encounters at various levels of danger or threat. Students learn to trust their instincts and increase their environmental awareness. Verbal strategies include those designed to help prevent potential encounters escalating to violence, and strategies to manage verbal conflict and boundary violations. We train individuals in options for physical resistance. These techniques include walking away, breathing, posture and other non-verbal communication, as well as strikes for when danger is imminent and can’t be avoided. Through repetition and a gradual increase in challenge and intensity (specific for each student), our graduates gain confidence in their abilities. 

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Teaching the Real Deal for Nearly 10 Years

Previously taught classes at the Rockaway YMCA and the Coney Island YMCA for children (3 to 12) and teens (13 to 17). He was affiliated with the YMCA of Greater New York for five years (2015 to 2020).

He is currently a certified instructor with Prepare Inc. Prepare is an educational services company that offers comprehensive violence prevention programs and evidence-based programs for personal safety, communication skills and self-defense. This training is an important part of a larger movement to create social change, prevent abuse, and support healing. We are committed to a broad vision of societal response to violence.

He also is the lead coach for what he calls a "Tactical Civilian Combatives Fight Club." this is strictly a practical personal protection course that adds weapons work (impact weapons, archery, and firearms) to empty-hand self-defense.

This is a very small group and is by invitation only.

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Sensei Tyrone is a retired military policeman and a licensed unarmed security guard.

Sensei Tyrone is pictured above with NYC Public Advocate (then NYC Council Member), Jumaane Williams, receiving an award for his work teaching self-defense to women.

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We decided to write this book because the martial arts world is being led astray by a bunch of fabricators, pretenders, mean-spirited jerks, and gossip mongers. We can’t just sit idly by while something that we love so much is left in poor hands. Martial artists of the world please take a good look around and don’t let the charlatans, sadists, and commercial opportunists dilute the martial way.

This book has real-life accounts of people pulling all types of nonsense. Don’t take it as our lamentations but rather as case studies so you will be able to identify shenanigans a mile away. We really want to help you save time, energy, and money by being better equipped to evaluate martial styles, instructors, and schools.


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Martial Arts and Practical Personal Protection


At the Temple of Arts NYC we cater to martial artists of all ages and experience levels with a variety of courses. Whether you are interested in traditional martial arts instruction or in quick-to-learn practical personal protection, check out our offerings and let us know what you’re interested in.

$50 per month


Coach Ty is working with a cadre of individuals as a study group to practice what he calls Tactical Civilian Combatives.

We pressure test various techniques and spar in this class. It has become sort of a fun and safe "fight club."

Please be advised that any equipment or range charges (archery or firearms) are NOT included in the monthly fee.

This is an intense program for adults only.

There are no more than 10 trainees per class.

** Payments are accepted via PayPal (, and Cash App ($tysteesandhoodies) ONLY. **

$100 Deposit


CLICK HERE for scheduling and other details.

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain

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